Rear wiper removal?

Hi guys,
Was wondering if I should remove the rear windscreen wiper on my car. It looks better but living in Devon there's a lot of crap on the roads, so I was wondering if I would trade visibility for looks. Asking the advice from anyone who's done this mod, how much flicks up onto the rear screen?
if you've got one that sticks up when its switched off then perhaps change it for one that lies flat (post facelift iirc). Simple to change and does improve the look imho.

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yup either fit a facelift motor or if ur handy with tools u can remount the contact strip 180deg

PollyP - I didn't know you could do that!! Could have saved myself a tenner!! I got the motor from a face lift model and its easy to swap them over...
leave it mate, it is pain to drive mine at winter, my motor burned down.

good thing is I've also have trunk lip removed for trunk welding, so I can put finger at wiper hole and somehow open the trunk :p