Rear wheel askew, bent axle?

I checked out a used car at arnold sharks today. I noticed masking tape on the inside edge of the rear nearside door and the door itself was a slightly different shade of white compared to the rest of the car. I also noticed the rear offside wheel looked slightly askew (see photo). My impression was that it has been in a crash and the rear wheel has been pushed in causing the axle to warp. Could there be another reason for the wheel to appear askew?


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It could be bad misalignment of camber toe in or out depending on how the wheel sits on the road.

Though you also have listed some areas where damage might have been covered over..
There was something on rip-off Britain last week. Warning of cat listed vehicles being sold as undamaged. Should you suspect this you should get the vehicle inspected. (Before you make any purchase)
You can also check for anything from the vehicles past via its identification..

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They look like great motor.
And you did right thing to keep looking around and find another one.
Normally if its to good to be true (Really Cheap).
Then It probably is.(To good 2 be true that is)..
Glad to hear you did not fall for it. And good luck with happy motoring.

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