rear heated window switch not working !!!

hi - i am looking at getting a k12 2004 micra 1.2 se i have found one but has just one fault- the heated rear screen button on dash does not work - i t is the se model so has the aircon button to the right of it underneath the trip computer etc on the dash - i have tried nissan whom say they have to see it !! not hlepful as i need to know what possibly worng and cost ?? any one able to shed some light on it - i will assume its not a fuse and want to know possible worst case scenarios-

all other buttons and functions work perfectly !


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I can only see it being the fuse, the wiring or perhaps the switch itself.

Cant see it being anything major, but I may be wrong!


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fuse - wiring - or connections on the rear window itself

only thing to stop it working

actually - (well thinking about it it would still be a fuse issue) but check that it is not linked in the same run as the central locking

i take i you have central locking! even if the fuse looks ok just test another one in its place