Re-greased Idle Tensioner

Hi all, As the title says I have just re-greased the idle tensioner pulley, which has now prolonged its life and I have no noise in that area. How was that possible you say, well on YouTube there are a some clips showing mechanics, showing you how to re-grease bearings on idle tensioner pulleys and any other bearings. The clip that I followed shows the idle tensioner removed from car and the mechanic shows you how & what to remove before applying grease to the bearing. The part you need to remove & then put back later was a plastic/rubber plate ring which covers the bearings by using either a small flat screw driver or an angled pick tool. When removed don’t break the ring, now apply the grease to the bearings which may appear dry & minus any grease, once space is filled wipe off excess. Then rotate bearing inside the idle tensioner by holding the hole in the centre with thumb & middle finger then listen NO NOISE when done put the rings back on pressing down on them so they snap into place. After all of this put the pulley back on to car, & go on a test drive.

Yours Peter0003 PS Enjoy Jap fest Silverstone if you’re going.

PPs Also thanks to Tokyo don’t worry about supplying me a with a s/h tensioner as I have done what is mentioned about........