Rag Top K10s-conversion possible?

Hey people,

Just wondering about doing a ragtop conversion after seeing two or three hanging around on the facebook page...

I've seen a few VW forum threads about it-but I'd like something unique to the UK. As far as I know, there aren't any rag top K10s in the UK (possibly with good reason).

A few questions-
1. What kind of affect will it have on insurance?
2. How much weaker would it be? (Think if I crash...)
3. Would handling be drastically affected
4. Is it possible to have a motorized roof?
5. Does anyone want my sunroof if I do...

1990 H Reg facelift 5dr SE.
Not a convertible, a rag top-kind of like that bulgarian one.

You know, a/b pillars in tact, just a peeled back cut out in the roof.
Shouldn't be difficult if you can buy the the actual rag top mechanism
I suspect a couple of strengthening beams in place is all that's required
Very little rigidity in a K10 roof as is
I do rag top conversion on my old micra and its nothing hard i have a rag top form micra topic cut the roof make 8 holes for the bolts and its done