Radio Replacement?

Hello guys. I have a new Micra Dot and I must say it's great, apart from the ugly little radio thingy in the car. Just wondering before I whip it out if there's anyone who's replaced it with a slightly more modern android auto or some other satnav idea in there. I would like to do the same.

Just before Christmas, I bought a double din stereo (cheapest i could find on Ebay), took the centre console out, cut most of it out, and fitted it with a cage kit and adaptor cables. I was only going to fit a replacement unit, which actually looked like an old radio, but had bluetooth, aux etc., but the supplier couldnt deliver until the new year. You'll need a pozi screwdriver, and a dremel or grinder, a file, and I bought a cheap centre console (in case i screwed it up!). Also, I relocated the headlight adjustment switch onto the dash binnacle. If I did it again I'd spend more money, and get an Android Auto unit, but for a budget build this was perfect!
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Cheers :) it's obviously cheap, the aux connection works but constantly displays "no input!", and there is Android support, but only for screen mirroring on Android 4.0 - 8.0. So I'm currently charging old phones to see what I've got, would be great to see Google maps running on it....


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If I remember fitting to pre face-lift is easy. Remove ashtray and there's 2 screws under there
Then pull from the bottom and the centre panel will pull off.
Then there will be if I remember right 4 screws holding in the oem stereo

Nissan to iso harnesses are cheap to convert your wiring