Radio removal ANYONE

Hi Guys,
Ive been looking online and on youtube about getting my radio out (2015 Acenta) and these cars must have had more different style fascias and radios than soft Mick.Any one know how to get the radio out?I dont want to start digging around in the dash without knowing how.
We got the car from my Mum and im annoyed that there isnt a code with it.
Obviously with the car not getting used due to Covid-19 lockdown the battery went dead.I took the battery off and revived it but of course no code!
Hi there,
I'm not 100% sure on the facelifts, but I know my 2011 Tekna is pretty simple. All you have to do is open the top glovebox (the one that opens upwards) and this exposes one edge of the radio surround. Simply get a pry tool or carefully use a screwdriver to pop the clip on the passenger side. Then simply pull the radio surround. If yours is the same as mine, the radio surround will only be held on with metal clips, then the radio should unscrew from its cage and come straight out.
Hope this helps :)
Hi Nismo,
Thanks for this. It worked starting off in the upper glove box fine.
As you say only four screws and the connections on the back and it was out.
I had to get a code online in the end because its a Daewoo radio. .Only cost £18.99. But I didn't need to remove the radio, because if you put the wrong code in three times, it comes up in the display with the model number, serial number and date of manufacture. This info enabled me to get the online code. I've now written down the code everywhere.
Thanks again.
Yes, it works that way, dial any code three times and the radio will block for an hour, but it’s not necessary to pay that much money, write me, I’ll tell you the code for Daewoo radio...


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