Radio code

Hi I’ve just had to fit a new battery on my K12 and now have no radio code can anyone tell me the code, I have the serial numbers from the radio:- BP7383A9257517
Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Had you written this request in one of the correct ongoing Radio Code Request threads, instead of starting yet another new one, I would have seen this yesterday, as I get alerts from those...... Also PM'ing me asking for a code is a waste of time as I have stated numerous times that I do not respond to PM requests from people that have only joined the forum to get a free radio code.....
Rant over...... however, now we are here and, you have posted the correct information, (which so many that post in the 'correct' thread don't) a code can be found......
Try 2099 or 0099........
Hi John_D,
Thanks for your response, I am sorry that I have gone about this the wrong way, but I am grateful that you gave me the code anyway, Many thanks, and stay safe,