Radio Code

The radio on my wife's 2000 K11 decided to go on strike and I purchased a standard replacement radio/cass from a well known auction site beginning with e. I also separately bought the security code for the radio.

Removing and installing the replacement radio was a breeze thanks to somebody on here who posted instructions on how to do it. I turned the ignition back on and when I switched the radio on, I expected it to ask for the code. But it didn't. Instead it displayed 'WAIT' for a short while and then 'SECURE'. And has done this again on retrying , even after I cut the power to the radio by disconnecting the -ve on the battery for a short while.

How do I get the radio to prompt for the 'CODE' or has the radio been locked?

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hello i am please asking you to get my radio code for me becouse i have lost the car stereo paper work
s/n BP000395299111
DEVICE NUMBER -7612830003