Radio code help needed please!

Hi guys, im a newbie to the forum and have just recently purchased a K12 2003 Micra.
I was hoping I could get some help as I have had to replace the battery which has in turn reset the radio code and I have no code to reprogram it.
Having looked at other threads here are the codes I have managed to take off the back of the radio.

7642 346 318

One final query can anyone tell me if there is a confirm button after entering the four digit code.

Many thanks


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There's a member on here called Guy, he knows pretty much everything there is to know about K12s. He'll be your best bet (Y)


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After an introduction like that, how could refuse :laugh:.

5513 or 1513.


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I maybe ok with K12s but overall car maintenance-wise, if Frank's 100, I'm about a 12-15 maybe :laugh:.
Hi, thanks for the response, I tried putting the codes into the radio but nothing happened, as if I need to press a confirm button. I tried pressing different buttons but it sent me back to the beginning. It states "wait 1 hour".

Any ideas please?

Hi Guys, I need a radio code too for my K12 Nissan Micra 2003,
Could someone please help me?
bp nr: BP234631995093
Partnumber: 7642346318

Thank you very very much.