Hi Guys,i need a replacement radiator and i can't quite remember if someone said a suzuki alto rad will fit -with a few mods . I know of the alloy one on ebay but as always i would like to fit a cheaper alternative if it only needs a bit of modifiying. The top tank on mine has cracked around the cap and has been repaired before. Thanks guys


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or if you want a permanent solution an aluminium half rad from an eg Honda civic should fit with a small bit of modifying
I need a radiator for my car too but I can't find any right one, I don't mind to do some modi
Can you plz Kathryn let me what model did you buy from racing China?
I can buy direct from japan even many body parts but the radiator is v expensive.
I brought one from Japan for a $150 NZD, its the freight that is the killer. Is the K10 radiator similar or completely different ? I know the mounting points are for a K11 March/Mirca.