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R05CO's K11 (project poverty)

Hi all first time Micra owner , after i killed my 100nx

this thread / build will be very slow due to very low funds because of a divorce hence the title poverty spec

been into cars ever since I got my licence , started off with a cinqucento sporting and tbh has never really got any better from there a few clios , polos, golfs and a breif and awful period with a civic, but i have always preferred the smaller hatches.

my taste in modding cars is very marmite



but the way i see it if I'm enjoying it that is good enough.

after the engine in the 100nx let go I was a bus w*anker for the summer but with the weather getting colder needed something cheap reliable and cheap.
Thankfully i have a belter of a mate who used to own a brilliant white k11 with a high port sr20de in it and he had this available


Nice quite well spec'd k11 1.3gsx , you can see the nx behind it looking sorry for its self

anyway (cool story bro) I am here as after a couple of weeks driving the micra and after saying "I'm not modifying this one" if got the itch and Jean recommended the forum as its full of parts and helpful micra Guru's
No real update sticker-ed and fitted a aftermarket steering wheel.

And then had some fun with the standard Micra one i took off


have to admit i have been having perverse thoughts of doing the Micra as some post apocalyptic road warrior type thing