quick little sunroof guide

nothing specialy just a pretty rough guide
so start with the front
for the front drain, there is one on both left and right , those can be located by the interior kit panel (just a held on by 1 screw and a plastic nut)

plastic panel removed and showing the rear washer pipe
remove foam to get to the pipe

foam removed and the pipe has been pulled out ,
now ,this can differ alittle but , what i did on my yellow micra was extented the pipe with silicon pipe (fishtank pipe) routed the pipe along the inside of the sill, behind the carpet and the feed it into a hole that behind some tape rougly between the A pillar and the seat mount , then i removed the 2nd bung in the sill and feeding the pipe through, once through i drilled the bung and refitted with the pipe now sitting in the middle
that was my way there is other ways of drilling the sills and feeding it through or using the first bung and feeding the pipe through there with some wire taped onto the pipe
the first bung in the sill
its just rubber, the can become a bit hard but to come out, note becarefull if you got rust or rotten sills ,
now the rear drains
again there is two rear drains on both left and right
so one the 3 door as in the pic you will need to remove the inner rear trim , just clipped in and can be plied off fairly easy
then look inside the and you will see a fatish black tube (where the read line is) that is the rear drain
re route the pipe over the rear wheel arch to behind the rear light, for the left side with the fuel cap the need to route over the it
fed behind the light then fed out the vents
can also drill a hole and feed then out the inside or back of them aswell
just pull the carpet back
behind the light
you see the vent at the bottom just feed the pipe out there,
now just putting the pipes just out the vent does work but isnt ideal , may be better to drill in the side or back a hole or mod the vents so the vents can fully close , as they are in the pic the vents cannot close properly ,
also some 5 doors the rear drains are already routed down here and fed into the back of the vents via a hole

this is just a simpe and very rough guide , any input or better pics ect would be of great help/ improvment


Just done both left and right rear ones today, thinking I might drill a hole in the top of the vent and feed the pipe though there instead of just out the vent, for the front ones im going to extend the pipe and see if there is a way through the a pillar area into where the windscreen wiper drain is and feed it out the same place as that. This guide was helpful Cheers!
Yeah, I re did mine, but I chopped the vents off, and then feed then through a hole in the bottom , front still use the same front grommets , there is a small grommet on the A pillar in the middle of the door hinges , could open that up and feed the pipes out that way
This was intended to be quick and easy, better then nothing really
Yeh I've got a preface I can't find the grommet on the sill so I think I'm going to drill a hole pop a grommet in and feed the pipe through that, silicone it up and jobs done! Then set about de rusting the inside of the sills and painting
I've just got another two micra s so I will do a better post with it, and some alternatives ,
How bloody big is your drive??? :) .... super stuff, yes keeps the guides coming. Pictures and video make a huge difference and is genuinely great learning. Ash did a video the other week on HT leads swap over. Yes in it's own right fairly straightforward stuff .... but made very understandable with a great little video. We can keep these things going forever with the sort of data guys like you and Ash are producing. Top man