Questions on multiple K11 Mods! Handbrake relocation, fender mirrors, headlights, oil cooler kits...

Hey club members!

I have a few ideas in my head for my 3dr micra that I need your help with.


1. Front bench seat conversion - I want to take the rear seats out, fabricate a frame and mount the back seats to the front as a bench seat - first thought is obviously the handbrake being in the way. My idea is to relocate the handbrake to the passenger side, next to the gear changer. A plate welded to the body might do the trick, but the cable will be the challenge. Has anyone had to do anything similar? Has anyone seen a front bench seat in a micra?

2. Fender mirrors - I've seen some awesome fender mirrors out there, but going with the theme of my 'rat rod' micra, I may go with some generic classic car fender mirrors and weld them to the fenders. Please share your thoughts!

3. Front head lights switched out for classic head lights - this one is a tricky one, I might need to fabricate a frame to hold the lights in a way that they are still adjustable, or Im thinking of using honda integra lights (the DC2 round lights) and swap the micra ones out. Could be interesting.

4. Front external oil cooler - there are kits out in our NZ market for oil coolers with 10AN fittings to fit 'generic nissan', which are normally purchased by skyline and silvia owners, are the oil filters the same?

5. Door interior panels - would like to see some custom door panels out there, I've seen lots of club members do some clever mods with gluing fabrics to the door cards, would love to see some more ideas! Also would love to see some pics of some modified dashboards! oh, and while we're speaking of interiors, has anyone dealt with removing the sound deadener? I've seen a lot of people use dry ice to break the sound deadener and it chips away with ease. Does the K11 have sound deadener? anyone remove it before?

6. Single window wiper conversion - would love to get some advice on this - Surely it's not just a matter of removing the second window wiper? or is it?

7. rear window wiper delete - Does removing the rear window wiper and patching up hole lead to any issues? whats the best way to go about it? I can weld in a plate but if theres any other ideas, I'm open to hearing them.

8. Extended lower control arms - Has anyone done extended lower control arms? Looks like a bit of a mission with these A style arms. I've had extended lower arms on my old AE86 but they've got the real simple straight arms with castor arm arrangement. Would love to get some advice from anyone who's dealt with these before, and whether it would put strain on the factory strut hats.

9. What do you love about K11 Micras? I'd love to know!
Those are some ambitious mod ideas, it would be amazing to see them. That's a nice looking car in the first place, are those power folding mirrors?
Like MikeHP said, the Polka had classic-style facelift headlights, it would be possible to do a facelift front-end swap and use those. Alternatively you could go all out and use a Rumba front end (lights, bumper and grille are all one unit, looks as if it might still use a prefacelift bonnet) but I've never seen those around.
@6, I think people usually remove the main (longer) wiper and put it where the smaller wiper is (smaller one removed totally), and put it at an angle so that it reaches most of the glass.
@7, you can just remove the wiper and motor, it's easy enough. People usually plug the hole with a rubber grommet (can't remember the size, sorry). It would be better if you fibreglassed/welded(as you said) and painted it.
@9, I could write a whole post on that.