Question: fitting a rear quarter light glass, 4 door Micra L

Hi there!!!

Newbie poster here and I would really appreciate some help.

I need to fit the quarter light glass to the rear driver-side door of my 1995 Micra 1.0 L. I got the rubber out just fine (helped by a smashed quarter light - long story) and found a replacement glass with little difficulty, but the truth is, I simply cannot figure out how to get the damned thing back in. grr

Can anyone help please? :grinning:



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you have to run some cord around the rubber lip neil, then hold the assy against the apperature and pull the 2 ends of the cord :)


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Thanks again Frank :)

i cant remember doing a k11 one, but on other 4 door cars i used to remove the doorcard and wind the dropglass down, and then pull the long rubber insert out from inside the frame, so that the dropglass could move out of the way for the black upright divider to come out
Many many thanks for your help and advice with this Frank - just done the job and it's a good 'un :)

Really glad I found this forum as I didn't realise that so many people felt the same way about their little Micra's as I do. Mine is a little red lady called Maddy :)


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it is remarkable,i remember jumping in the back and steering at it,amusement