Quaife Diff may be available for micra gearbox soon...

I've always wanted a LSD diff for my CG13DE gearbox, but was put off the Gripper by the amount of maintenance and setup that generally seemed to be required.

After much searching through Quaife's online drawings and measuring a standard diff I've found that the diff they make for the Almera / Pulsar box is actually very similar and would mean a limited amount of work for Quaife to adapt to the micra gearbox.

So after discussing my findings with Matt Humphries and we think that there is the realistic prospect of this being able to go ahead.

Quaife have a minimum order which means that we need to have at least 10 diffs spoken for and deposits paid before we can give the go ahead to Quaife.

I hope it is OK to mention this here as I'm not selling these and because it's a style of diff that hasn't been available to micra owners.

Please let me know if you'd like a diff we will see what the numbers are and go from there. Post here or PM me I don't mind.

A couple of things, these details are a little fluid until details get nailed down.
  • At this stage this is not certain, there's a good prospect if we can get the numbers but nothing is certain.
  • Price is likely to be around the 1000 UK pounds, (this is comparable to the Gripper).
  • 50% deposit is required, Matt must order more than just the 10 so this gives him some security.
  • It looks like there will be provision for a speedo drive but we will be able to confirm this soon.
  • All money is paid to Matt not me, I'd just like a ATB style diff for my car and have more free time than Matt...
For anyone that has wanted a diff for general road use or a diff that is more progressive for race or rally use this is probably your best chance! previously you'd need to get a ultra rare viscous LSD box with different driveshafts, a pulsar / almera box and change driveshafts etc, or be lucky enough to get a Suretrac. Quaife have a very good reputation and history as far as I'm aware so that shouldn't be a problem.

For anyone that doesn't know the difference between a clutch pack style diff (Gripper) and the ATB style such as the Quaife hopefully the following will help. Anyone else please add your experiences. I'm putting this here more so you know the difference and can better decide.

Automatic Torque Biasing Diffs ATBs:
  • No tuneablity but less intrusive easy setup.
  • No maintenance, install and forget, they may loose some action over a long period (I think we are talking decades here).
  • Are generally more progressive and predictable and therefore can be considered better for fast road / street.
  • Also used by racers and rally depending on driving style.
  • Probably more reliable.

Clutch Pack diffs:
  • Allow more tune-ability in how they act, but can also be more effort to get working right.
  • Clutch packs are wear parts so will need replacement although this can take time.
  • Tend to react quickly and strongly compared to other styles which can mean they are less suitable to street driving.
  • There is more setup, tuning, and maintenance to these style diffs.
  • Gripper currently do not have provision for a speedo drive.
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