PS Light on Nissan Micra Initia

I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with my Nissan Micra or provide some advise. I've only had the car for the last year and a half, it's a 57 plate and passed through the Last MOT with near to no faults. On Thursday evening, after previously driving the car earlier in the day with no faults, when I turned the engine on I had the red PS Light come up on the dashboard. The steering is currently really stiffy and pretty undrivable, I don't want to cause any more damage. I've read pretty mixed things on the internet, I've had a mechanic look at the car and looking at a pretty expensive fix including a new Power Steering pump. I don't believe any electrical fault has been looked into, I've previously had issues with the boot locking and unlocking when driving (I'm unsure if these are connected). Any help would be highly appreciated!! Thank you! :)
Hi - I am also experiencing intermittent PS faults on My Nissan Micra 54 plate. Is there anyone who can offer any advice?


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Makes it difficult for me to look at it. Usually if your getting a PS fault then the fault is usually within the eps. Intermittent faults usually increase to hard failures. How intermittent is it?
So it's happened three times so far within the last two weeks. I had a quick look under the bonnet, (I'm no mechanic by any means) and couldn't see a reservoir incase the fluid had dropped. But then I'm reading its an electric system and can't find any information on whether they would be a fluid tank.

The car isn't worth much and if we're going to be quoted £700 to fix then the car simply isn't worth it. So any cheaper fixes would be a life saver.