PS Light On - Cheapest Fault Code Reader That Works?

Hi there,

2006 Micra S - PS light came on and heavy steering about 4 months ago. Took it to a mechanic who told me it would be £600 to replace, but in the meantime he cleared the fault code for £45.00 and power steering worked fine again (PS light off). However, it has now come back.

Could anyone recommend the cheapest fault code reader that clears such faults, to save me spending £45 each time at the mechanic until i can stomach spending £600 for the control unit fix? I bought a £20 one from eBay but it found zero fault codes and the cheap ones in general only seem to deal with check engine/engine management lights, so any tips would be great.

I've seen on other forum threads a "Nissan N607" fault code reader, but that doesn't seem to be available in the UK at least.
Hi all my Wifey's car ps lite just come on hoping Jason see's this and pms me to see if he can help, seem's to be the man to know, cars perfect in every other way shame to get rid if can't be sorted.
All the best.