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Project V8


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I figured i may as well put my mods on paper, or screen, whatever...
The last owner was going to scrap it so we went over and checked it out, no tax, 6months mot, a flat battery and half a tank of fuel. When i asked him how much he wanted the guy said "just take it", ended up giving him a tenner for the fuel that was in it.
So it was a basic 1.0L LS with a bent back bumper and a big dent in the back wing where a forktruck had backed into it, but it ran like an angel.


So here's what i did over three years on a shoe-string budget;

New drivers side cill fitted, inner doorstep and floor plated and welded from front to back (the cill drain holes had been blocked by some cowboy welder causing the cill to rot from the inside out and spread to the floor).

Removed decals, repaired body damage, replaced both bumpers.

Two new wings and front valence (the pannel bolted to the front of the cross-member).

New door and window seals all-round.

Replaced all shocks & springs with a set of Monroe gas reflex ones from a 4-door in a scrapyard, and what a smooth ride they give.

Two new wishbones and track-rod ends.

New front wheel-bearings, brake disks, pads, shoes and sliders.


Finally, car undersealed from back to front and filled with nearly 8L of waxoyl from inside (let's hope it never has to be welded again, or boom! lol)

Internally adjustable mirrors.

GS instruments with clock (i always thought the basic instruments looked childish with the big goofy lights on the left, the small bullet lights along the bottom looks so much sleaker).

GS interior (Half gray vinal with light/white cloth, pillar covers and split-folding rear seats), steering wheel, centre console and passenger footwell luggage shelf.

Notice how well the k11 speaker grills match the k10 doorcards :grinning:

Intermittant wiper relay and stalk (best mod i ever did, love that thing).:grinning:

Rear wash/wipe boot lid which i wired up and works brilliant.

K11 (pre-facelift) black door-strips (because i couldn't get k10 ones).:glare:

Colour-coded the bumpers, leaving the top and bottom strips black to make it look genuine and factory fitted.

GS wheel-trims (although for 6months i did have the wheels metalic silver with the k11 pre-facelift centre caps which looked cool, very retro.)

Clean, leak-free headlights.

A 1.2 5-speed long ratio gearbox, driveshafts and all 1.2 mounts.

Most recently a 1.2 (MA12) engine, Glossy black rocker cover with a hand painted "Goldseal Yellow" block and a glossy black sump with an assortment of metallic starbirst silver and metallic gold brackets and fittings.



All Finished

The super s spoiler and body kit are now on there and looking sweet, the pictures don't do it justice, it seems to turn up orange on photos for some reason...
I've chased all the bugs out of the 1235 and it runs like a rolls-royce, well a V8 sounding rolls-royce that is. (Y)


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After all the work that went into that engine, if it did leak i would scream. Fortunately it doesn't lose a drop and doesn't burn any, not bad for a 118k miler :grinning: