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Project Dr.WHU (A bit of a laugh)

Hello all,

Yes I've bought what must be my 9th (I've lost track really!) Micra. I had one when I first past many years and moons ago, but have always kept one in the house as a reliable solid run around.
Anyway, I saw one and decided to put some notes in the previous owners hands and drove away. The car drives spot on, pulls cleanly, but needs work.
Its a blank canvas, and hence this post. I thought, why not share what I've done and am doing as time goes... so here goes...

Stage 1)
Drove the car back and the guy described it as it was...needed a bloody good clean and a simple service. Whilst driving back, I realised the dude had a dog that must have slept in the car as there was soooooo much hair every where! So, I decided to just strip the car by taking seats, carpets and parcel shelf out to the tip. The car was just a rolling shell.....
Luckily for me, I have loads of Jap breakers nearby and found a nice tidy interior for a few quid. I then stuck that back in and took the time to clean ALL the plastics in the car with initially flash bleach, then normal car dash spray. This meant breaking out the ratchet set, spanners and screwdrivers.....and boy had his dog managed to get hair EVERYWHERE!!
Second post to follow shortly...


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Hello all,
Now with stage 1 complete, (see new pictures), I decided to add some new alloys.
I had a pair of alloys from an old Toyota sitting in the garden and to be fair they were pitted and needed a refurb.
Sanding them back was pretty straight forward and priming them too. However, in my eagerness I rushed the final paint job and if you look close enough you can see some of spoils :mad:
That being said, I decided to chuck them on the car, with a set of Michellin tires I got VERY cheap indeed (£100 for the lot as a mate works at a supplier!).
Choosing the colour was no biggy as the car is Silver and I decided to contrast by going with BLACK!!
I think the car looks pretty aggressive now!
I also found some time to install an induction kit and the car has a more throaty/sporty sound. I added some LEDs behind the clocks and I have to say it looks pretty good!
In addition to that, I added a better floor to the boot by cutting some hardboard wood down, but messed my measuring up slightly! I will go to the breakers and get a proper carpet or use an off cut from the house. Also added a new gear knob which was an 8 ball from a pool table!
Managed to crack the coolant bottle and then got a replacement from fleabay for £25 and it's MUCH better then the cost cutting measure introduced in the Nissan factory. Easily installed with the removal of two bolts.
Finally, managed to find a rear parcel shelf with speakers for the princely sum of £25!! Simpy dug the connector cable out from behind the boot carpet and voila!
Have a look at the new images! I do apologhise if the quality of the pics is crap, but the site wont let me upload good quality picture...any ideas????


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