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Project Beastie

brueyh1976;503940 said:
The Beastie had the bonnet release done in December which cost £18 (that was with the VAT), she stayed off road through December. I turned the key every time I went to the dumpster with some rubbish to make sure she'd start which bless her little 16v heart she did. First time, every time :)

Have got to go to Halfords as some thieving ####### nicked two of her valve caps (n/s rear and o/s front)

Two weeks ago, I put her in for the MOT, she went down first time on two blown bulbs (number plate and N/S stop and tail) they were replaced and she went back through and passed second time around (wasn't charged for the bulbs or the retest). Got advisories for the n/s rear tyre which was expected, 10mm of damage on the windscreen (in my eyeline) and one of the front discs.