Preface lift throttle body clean - How to clean in situ

I was wondering can the pre facelift throttle body be cleaned in situ, I read somewhere you can spray carb cleaner down the neck of the TB, is this advisable, does this work?

I just want to try a couple of simple things, before pulling out the injectors, (if it is one of them) to try and my intermittent idle issue.
Yeah, spray MAF cleaner, it won't be as thorough as if you had the throttle body out but it should clean it up some. Any spray can be burnt in the engine, or leave it a while to evaporate before starting.
Many thanks for the replies,
Earlier, in the week I used some Liqui Moly fuel injection cleaner in the fuel, over the last 2 days, the issue not been too bad, (though weather has been milder), had a couple of idle drop blips, but the engine restored the correct idle within a couple of seconds.
I also purchased some Liqui Moly Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, though I am thinking I may hold off for now spraying that down the throttle neck and see if things improve?