Pre-facelift sunroof drain tubes, where do they drain too?

I have a pre-facelift model, both my footwells are damp. I have noticed this more recently due to the weather, (getting condensation on inside of the windscreen) and that damp smell. The upper footwells dry, so it's not coming down from the windscreen area. I can only assume it's the sunroof drains holes, draining to in the sills and then leaking into the footwells.

I think it might be time for the magnetic cover, my manual sunroof is knackered anyway, it seized on last summer, I turned the handle and crunch a tension spring broke (it's elevates ok), but try to slide it back at your peril!


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From memory they go down the A-pillars and drain behind the wheel liner into the front arches - there is a rubber hose that doe this, I think they can get blocked so leak at the connection to the sunroof