Powercoil springs

Hi guys

I have not been on this website for a while and not posted on here for very long time since leaving the Micra scene back in 2006/2007 ish.

Some of you may remember me, others won't but I did do a few mods (nothing major) to my K11 back in the day.

Anyways the car has been sitting on the drive, no MOT or tax and declared SORN for a while now too. Pretty much every body panel has a dent/scuff/scratch/ding etc.

Anyhow getting to the point of this post - I gotta start clearing my loft and stumbled across my standard K11 springs -currently got powercoil springs on the car - approx 45-50mm drop.

So my offer is to anyone who wants the powercoil springs, can have them for FREE, as long as they travel to mine, take them off the car and replace back with my standard springs. Obviously I would want someone who is mechanically competent in taking suspension apart and has the correct tools etc - as I do not have any tools whatsoever or mechanical knowledge.

I would only be comfortable for this to take place if spring compressors were used.

I am located in Croydon, South London.

Pictures of what to expect of the springs can be found at :


I am available only on 16th 17th 23rd & 24th October.

Are there any takers for this?

Cheers - Nik