power steering

is there an easy way to drain the power steering fluid as i want to change the fluid in the morning, i am hoping there is a drain plug on the pump but i guess that would make life toooo easy.
if not i will do it as i do normally ,remove pipe from reservoir drain the fluid from there then turn the steering from lock to lock to manually pump out any fluid in the rack then do the refill.
i bought the car for kath for christmas something for her to learn in she has now recently passed her test ,now when i buy a car i like to get myself a starting point and i will do that by renewing the oils and coolant,the fluid was a very dark red like a burgundy and it should be alot lighter in colour,the next to change will be the brake fluid it should be changed every two years anyway since brake fluid absorbs moisture this lowers the boiling point of the fluid.
There are too metal pipes going to the rack. Easy to undo from underneath. Just ondo and start the engine.
Once done that. If you move your steering from side to side you will empty the steering rack through the wholes where the pipes were bolted into. Hope it makes sence.