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Im hoping someone can help me out. My Dad has asked me to do a bit of digging about to try and find out about a problem he's having with his Micra. As he's scared of computers it was up to me to find a forum and this one looks like a good place to start.

His Micra is a 54 plate 1.2 and he has had a few issues with the electric power steering - mainly that it has stopped working on 2 occassions now! He's a driving instructor so not only does this cause massive inconvenience but also loses him money on lessons that he has to cancel. The main dealer have denied that its a manufacturing fault and have asked my dad to pay for it on both occassions as the mileage puts it outside of warranty.

What I'd like to know is whether anyone has had any similar problems with the power steering or is my dad just unlucky?


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Sorry to hear about this. Likewise my dad is a driving instructor and I know just how annoying it is when stuff like this happens.

There are a few Nissan people on this forum they will post soon hopefully with something useful.

it is a fault on micras made upto a certain date.i cant remember the date though
thats the only info i can remember sorry im not much help but i will ask my friend when he comes online