Power Steering Whine & Paint Code


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Hi there dudes, i don't often wonder over into the k11 section but i need to put a couple of questions out there for the bubble people :p
Does anyone know the paint code for the medium-dark metallic blue used on the facelift mk1 (non-coil pack) model?

The other question is; what causes the power steering pumps to whine on full-lock and how is it cured? I have two 1999 inspirations, they have both just started to make that noise. I was wondering whether they may just want thier power steering fluid changing...



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That motor doesn't sound happy lol. The sound i'm getting is just a little whine (sounds kinda like a car driving in reverse), and it's only on full lock.
I have the same problem with my 1.3L Micra. On full lock the pump starts to whine.
Although my pump has been slowly leaking for the last 8 years and the power steering belt is on it's last legs. I am expecting the belt to snap at any moment.

I will report back if i can find the time to remove the belt and replace the belt. I intend to clean the pump and re-seal it otherwise replace secondhand.
my ae92 corolla did this it could be worn bearings or loose belt or something simple i guess you checked the belt first tho lol. i ripped the pump off and left it off i hate power steering :laugh:
Power steering pump was removed and cleaned. No sign of any damage and more importantly no leaks.
New belt fitted and new PAS fluid.

Result: No whine, no sqeaks no problems.

If the belt is a little slack it will whine on full lock. My suggetion is change the belt and tension it up correctly.
Changing the belt should take a little over an hour. Removing the pump is a pain as there is very little room for tools and my PAS pump did not come with a wheel tensioner.