power steering fault / what fault code reader?

My wifes 2006 1.2 micra s' power steering packed up the other day. The ps light came on and lost power steering when she got home and restarted the engine it was back working again.
Ive read alot on here about the electric power steering column motor needing to be replaced and just wondered if anyone has used this company to refurbish there one http://www.ecutesting.com/catalogue..._eps_-_electric_power_steering_eps180846.html

I would like to get a fault code reader to check the fault codes can anyone recommend me one that can reset the pas fault codes?Is there any software that you can use on your laptop to do this or are only propper fault code readers available?

Also what sort of job is it to do yourself?

Any help would be appreciated as I dont want her driving around with pas that could packup again at any time.
I had the same issue, had to pay for a new power steering column. Fine for 2-3 weeks then issue happened again. Power steering now turns off without warning lights while I'm driving. Have had a couple of very near misses, and stopped driving it for a while. Nissan won't take a look without charging me £92, even though their parts have a warranty.
Over the weekend my power steering failed on a bridge over a river..police said I was a lucky driver and because I'm wary when I drive it (drive like an old person) I was lucky not to have gone off the 20ft drop into the river.

If anyone knows the fault code I'd like to add this into my complaint against them. :) thank you