power steering fault,help

Discussion in 'K12 General Discussion' started by tak100, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. tak100

    tak100 New Member

    Hi there

    couple months ago I bought my micra e 1l 2004, now its power steering doesn't work and i need to buy a power steering column to change it. I found one secoundhand for £450 and its no way i can afford it, found a cheaper one but its from micra 2007 possible 1.2l, does anyone know if that will fit my 2004 micra?
    After spending all my cash on this micra I can't beleive I have to find this extra cash ti fix it.
    please help if you know of any other sites or shops I could get this spare.
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  3. Dragonmaster_uk

    Dragonmaster_uk K12 NUTTER

    firstly the secondhand one won`t work as they have to be programmed into a specific car an cannot be reprogrammed
    second because of this fitting has to be done using a nissan consult machine to program the column so self fitting is out of the question
    third unlucky i had this happen to me last feb and it ended up costing iirc £700 to get fixed
    that was the cheapest i could get it
    the good news is that you won`t damage the system any more by driving round in it
    your best bet is to save up get friendly with your local nissan dealer so they will fit a recon column for you fitting was around £200 of mine but i get it discounted because of the amount of money i spend at my dealer
    the cheapest place for a recon column is bbareman through ebay however make sure you get the column sent to your adress and make sure you send it back an keep proof of postage as they have been known to claim things never got sent back and claim another £200 because of this

    sorry to be the barer of bad news
  4. frank

    frank Club Member

    EPS, f/kin progress eh :suspect: i used to drive a D series 7.5 ton truck with no power steering FFS and it did,nt bloody kill me :p
  5. Dragonmaster_uk

    Dragonmaster_uk K12 NUTTER

    :) drove mine round without it working for about a month frank didn`t have to go gym them weeks that was all :)
  6. tak100

    tak100 New Member

    thanks for all advice, im probably going to end up with arms like Swarzeneger, not a good look for a lady, Reman wants £540 for a recon unit-cant afford it, BIG mistake for buying this car :(
  7. kennierobo

    kennierobo Buy & Sell Member

    I have read loads of posts regarding this. Nissan say the unit can not be reconditioned and that a new one has to be fitted, But reading posts on yahoo and the like people have removed them stripped them and re coned them taking care to make sure everything is marked and centered something to do with the self center mechanism. On refit they still wont work until the fault code is cleared this can be done by auto electrician prices vary but from what ive read no more than £45 low and behold they work again. Other posts have said that the fault code is sometimes caused by none other than dampness or some other electrical error and that all they have done is have the fault code cleared again by auto electrician again they start working and have stayed working from as little as a few months to infinity really as there still working. I also read a lot of unscrupulous dealers have been charging for fitting new motor when in fact all there doing is clearing the fault code....I would have the code cleared and see how long it lasts before buying expensive replacements, Its only what ive read but there has to be something in it for that many people to say the same thing....
  8. Rish Amod

    Rish Amod Active Member

    Hi Just been reading the thread and wish to add my problem to it. I bought a Micra K12 2004 1.5 diesel. After having spent £450 on it to get new relay, plugs etc fitted after it stalled and refused to start, I now have the PS (power steering) light staying on in the dash and no power steering. I imagine I have to fork out the 70 quid + vat at my local dealer just for them to tell me what is wrong with it. Initially the light would stay on. I would turn the engine off and restart and it would go away and I would have Power steering, but today it refused to go away, so I drove the hard way. Any ideas as to what the fault could be? How long can I continue driving this way without incurring any further damage as well? Thanks
  9. kennierobo

    kennierobo Buy & Sell Member

    you can drive it as long as you want without power steering but what i would do is buy a diagnostic tool off ebay plug into the consult port below fuses drivers side then read the fault and then cancel them out power steering will return. In fact I would just keep canceling it until unit was completely shot to bits lol.
  10. Rish Amod

    Rish Amod Active Member

    how would I know if my K12 54 reg is euro OBD or not? In other words what OBD am I?
  11. kennierobo

    kennierobo Buy & Sell Member

    im sure its OBD2
  12. Rish Amod

    Rish Amod Active Member

    Just had code reset by very nice people for £25. got home and fault returned. They are now tryingto save me money by stripping down the PS motor and sort the problem out themselves rather than complete recon unit. However just found this part on ebay. 48810-BG10B. the required part is 48810 - BC20 A/B. I want to know if the first part which is for a 2007 micra will work on my 54 plate micra?
  13. Guy

    Guy Has gone over to the oily side...

    My code reader arrived today. The 160sr is EOBD :).
  14. MandyMicra

    MandyMicra New Member

    Dear Micra Owners...
    I'm so sad and distraught with my K12.
    Power Steering Problem Has Hit My Car Hard... Nissan want to charge me €2147 for a new part and fitting (I'm in Portugal).
    Has anyone had any luck without replacing the part? I don't know what to do anymore. They've reset the fault codes twice...keeps coming back.
  15. northerner

    northerner Member

    Nissan supercede loads of part numbers after a few years of production. The only way to find out is to ring your dealer parts dept and check with them. You maybe lucky. I have a £25 OBD code reader from Ebay and was able to read and cancel some codes eg. timing chain etc. I'm not sure tho if the OBD will cover the power steering codes as this type of power steering column is a one off to the micra ie usual cars have a pump on the engine.

    This unit states its a plug in and play unit with NO need to go and get it programmed at the dealer
  16. katieM123

    katieM123 New Member

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