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Power Lock Door Switch

recently my Nissan Micra (k12) battery has been draining and I have replaced the battery and checked the main electrics, yesterday I realised that the power door lock switch is illuminated "LOCK" (orange) when I lock the door (via fob).

I have never seen this light before, should it be on? could this be a reason for the battery draining if not used for a few days?

I have checked all other interior lights and they are not on when the car stationary and key our of the ignition (the door lock switch is the only this illuminated, part from the red light this occasionally flashed for the alarm (on the instrument panel)

Thanks for any responses, in advance



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This button should only be lit up while your in the vehicle and anti hijack mode is enabled this is part of the button function.
It should not be lit while your not inside the vehicle.
Mine lights up only at when I pull up the button to lock the doors.
The light however...
When I was tracing a wire at my (bootlid) rear door.
Was trying to find a broken wire for the rear door latch as this was one of the last items I've had time to replace.
On the driver side.
So I did peel trunk back to check condition it was not terrible but their were signs of quick repair like I was forced with being winter.
Anyhow after I'd changed the button cause it wouldn't open instantly.
I decided to press that lock button in the cabin cause that was one thing I'd been doing to see if it released the rear door from not opening.
So I held it down I think it was hoping that would solve the door not opening as there are modes described in the manual.
Those I don't know if worked. Actually I didn't really think it did anything on mine.
But other than this the wires at backdoor suddenly caused that light to be illuminated when before this the light had not really illuminated before to my knowledge any how if that makes sense.
Its easy enough you could have a look for a short in that area.

Other thing it could differ if you have 5 door might be rear door child lock unsure here as mines only 3 doors.
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