Poor engine response when cold...

Easy dudes! I've notice when my engine is cold I'll sometimes come to exploit a junction for example and it doesn't respond and doesn't want to move until I let off but when I do that the car lurches like a mother bitch! So I have to take it out of gear slam it back in then floor it, Either that or when I'm in climbing a hill in second it feels like it's going to die! it idles alright drives alright when it's got a bit of heat in it but I don't know what it can be!

Spark plugs are fine, Air filter is a K and N high air flow panel so it's got enough air fuel pressure is spot! Only thing I can think is she's getting into her stroppy teenage years!!

Thanks dudes!
You shouldn't thrash your car when it's cold, jerking is throttle body fixable but just easier to source a new one!

My old micra used to jerk like mad when you let off, needed new throttle body!

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Yeah yeah that's what I do and it's fine until I come to knock it off it's just when it's cold sometimes it just doesn't want any of it :')