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Pollen filter

My grand-daughter has just acquired an old Micra K11 1 litre, so the old guy is being pressed into service again. Unfortunately no service book is av available, so does anyone know how to change the pollen filter, I know they are sometimes situated back of the glove box, but its not immediately apparent. Thanks in anticiatpation

Another prob has occurred, the fuel lines to the fuel filter are dead tight even with the jubilee clips slackened right off they cannot be moved, wondering if a hair-dryer applied might soften them, but am cautious because of the obvious petrol in the pipes, although a hair-dryer does not produce a naked flame there are glowing electric elements in it, any observations?
Shown in Eurocarparts list as
Corteco Pollen Filter
Part Number: 50770004J
and described as filter for interior air, recommend change every 12-15 thous miles.