Pod meet - possibly 22nd may?


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There is a pod meet organised fior this year with a few possible dates in mind.

I'll be able to attend on the 22nd (should give me some time to get some money together) so was wondering how many people would be interested in going and driving down together. Will probs be eaiser to drive down in the morning and come back on the night, however I have stayed down there the night before and this has made life easier, but just wondering if anyone would show interest?

Obv if the 22nd isnt the best for people we may need to re-look at this, but would ideally like to attend when kev does so we can catch up and he can meet some of u who he hasnt met before as I know he has wanted to come up a few times....

Anyone interested at the moment?

(There will most likely be a few more N/E meets organised before this pod meet aswell)

Edit: changed date as put 28th by mistake

micra man

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RE: Pod meet - possibly 28th may?

Not sure about the 28th but will have to see. Would be able to make the 11th though I think. :)


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i wouldnt mind coming alone but wudnt b running... mite just tag along if u lot decide to go


Micra K11ng
wouldn't mind going, but would probally just hitch at life from someone, as it would be lots of miles for me, and pretty expensive on fuel.
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Davey C

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danni said:
i wouldnt mind coming alone
aw, lol erm yeah i'll be up for that assuming that i dont have an exam. i'll get james T to come along too. We could meet up around notts if there is a NE convoy, or you could just call me and i'll catch you up on the way.



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thats a point thats around my exams!! cheers 4 remindin me davey! but if i dont have an exam the aday after that b cool :)


ill be ok to go on the 22nd,,

would also like to join convoy if there is one,,:)


thats the peak of my exams - smack bam in the middle so wouldnt be able to make it :(


I would like to come but don't know if I'll be there.

I won't be running wouldn't want to get embarrased on the strip, plus a bit dodgy as not insured for track days, then again not many people are.