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Pocket Rocket K10

Hello all

Picking up my K10 tomorrow, 1 lady onwer from new, 41k and even has the original factory invoice!

Got lots plans for it!

Looking for wide arches, mixed results on what people have used, xr2i ones ? or will universal ones be ok or would the internal diameter be to big for a micra ?
1990 K10 1.0 S micra! 46k miles, its pretty much had a service every year since purchase! Which was for £5160! lol Such a hoot to drive, so much roll its fun

3 seperate packs of service history, a wad of past MOT which is never seen these days! Original nissan brochure
manual and service book.

Interior, seats, carpet, head liner all mint. Body is pretty gd, has all the original tool kit & jack, drivers wing has some bad rust at the bottom, engines running really smooth and gearbox is sound. Once i rip all the interior out & engine should get some monies back for more bits.

Plans are:

- gut the inside

- fit custom roll cage

- fit race seats

- Polybush the suspension parts

- fit 6n polo coilovers

- get 8j et10? 14" wheels (with non stretched tyres)

- bolt on arches or custom make some

- remove engine

- source, rebuild & fit a B18C4

- build custom drive shafts

- maybe perspect the windows

- side exit exhuast system

- maybe custom front headlight setup

2016-01-03 17.29.29.jpg 2016-01-03 17.30.56.jpg 2016-01-03 17.29.48.jpg 2016-01-03 17.30.02.jpg 2016-01-03 17.30.22.jpg
2016-01-03 14.13.04.jpg 2016-01-03 14.12.59.jpg 2016-01-03 14.12.47.jpg 2016-01-03 15.21.27.jpg
2016-01-03 14.12.11.jpg 2016-01-03 14.12.21.jpg