Please Help: Blowers completely not working

Hey guys, im new to the forum here, and I was hoping you could help me out...
In my glovebox I had a bottle of jelly belly car air freshener (not a canister just a non-pressurised bottle).
Somehow it fell back into the fan vent, and got stuck.
The blowers were on, and the fan cut the bottle and it got jammed. The liquid leaked out.
Upon removing the bottle from the fan inside the air duct, a panel swiftly closed down on the air duct, blocking it off.
I have lifted the panel back up, but the vents completely refuse to work now - they will not turn on at all.
this happened about 2 months ago now, but now its getting colder and damper, i have to constantly wipe my windscreen to allow any visibilty.
Do you guys have any ideas?
Im desperate to get this sorted but I dont have the cash to take it to a garage for the problem to be diagnosed/fixed.
Thankyou all ever so much for your time reading this, I hope we can get to the bottom of this.