Plans for Donny...

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I know that this may have been discussed in other threads but I thought I would start my own thread for it...

I plan to get my car back from the bodyshop looking sweet and finished in a few weeks exterior wise, then hopefully by then, all of the interior will be finished and ready to go back in. May be a rush but should be kool when it is done. :D

What is everyone else planning?? Incase you can't tell I am very excited about this show this year!!! :D

Possibly get the dent and scratched removed from my door but money is stopping me from doing that at the moment!

Will be good to see your car finished and in the flesh Dan, good luck


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Just getting there will be a mission!

Insurance (Did it yesterday - had a good cry)
Sort Door
Clean Inside
Clean outside
Clean Engine bay
Sort out Install

Oh yea, and i broke my leg last week so its all kind of a blur at the moment!
micra man

micra man

Golf GTi Turbo
Good luck Titch!!! Hope its there. :) And also hope things start to look up for you a bit.

Can't agree more Arnold lol... its taken far far too long and too much money also, should be worth it but just can't wait to see it finished off, well it won't be totally finished, as it still needs a bigger engine hehe. ;) But bodywork wise, it needs finishing and also finishing properly!!! :D


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My Plans....

All will be revealed on the 15th of April :D



here's my to do list:

make new seat sub-frame (got steel tues) and fit seat
paint side skirts and fit
paint arches and fit
fit bonnet lifter(looks impossible to do)
clean inside and out

not too much but i have no time!


In an ideal world, the whole of my signature would be a to-do list, but that aint all gonna happen in time, I'll probably do the March rear clusters and lower it before Donny, I really have no time though!

This weekend: Away at fast show
Next weekend: Away in America
Saturday 8th: Bolney 2006
Sunday 9th: Nothing (my "Do stuff to car" day)
Sat/Sun 21/22nd: Donny!!

So little time when you look at it like that!! :eek:
micra man

micra man

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Haha James is gunna turn up at Donny a week late and no-one will be there hehe. :p Plus thats a friday and a Saturday hehe. :D Not Saturday and Sunday.


LMAO i actually took the date from the front page - which is wrong, i thought it seemed a large gap haha :blush:


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Gotta lower the back end....and car goes in bodyshop on the 3rd to get the dent on passenger door sorted so hopefully that should be it :)


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Got my new exhaust fitted now, all got to do is sort out a few scratches and fit my fogs and front grille. So should ready in plenty of time.