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Pies Club1000 build

Hello all.

New member here.
Recently purchased a very clean 2000 1.0 Micra with 88k on the clocks to turn into a 1.0 racer machines for Club1000.

Will be posting updates and asking questions as this journey unfolds, but general mode will be wheels, exhaust, suspension and throttle bodies (ITB’s) as well as sticking a cage, and bucket seats in it.

The Sunroof currently leaks so will be searching how to rectify that.

And other than that the only really exciting news is that some new wheels are on the way and hope to fit them before the weekend.
I’ll be looking at which splitter I want to fit to the facelift bumper, and searching for as much power and weight saving as possible before heading over to the ring later this year.



The sun room may want adjusting, on either side there is a plastic cover they pop over show two star drives , losses them, and reset it,
Drains, and would recommend moving th drains to the rear vents and will bung, also waxoil, (not Shultz or underseal)
Clean looking little gx, you have
Any links on a “how to” on moving the drain to the rear vents?
I’m half tempted to do away with the thing completely, especially as I’m looking to ditch any unnecessary weight.
Done a few little things to the micra.

Bought some wheels and fitted them, however one of the tyres is knackered so need to replace that. Annoying as I was told the tyres were in “good condition”.
Filled the sunroof gap with sealant to stop it from leaking.

Also fitted a Pulsar GTiR short shift and it’s so much nicer.

A mate decided to drill the air box as well, because racecar.
Doesn’t bother me as I’ll replace it at some point. Just sounds amusing now though 😂

Will try and get some pics of it with it’s new wheels fitted this week.
So, done a little more to the car.

The brakes, or lack of, were scary to say the least, so fitted apex discs and pads up front and now when I press the pedal I actually start slowing, which is nice.

Also had to do something about the boat like handling as I was getting seasick on the way to work and back.
A set of KYB Premium shocks were fitted along with some Direnza 35mm lowering springs, and I also got my Nankang NS2-R’s fitted to the wheels, and the result is unreal.
I can push the car a lot more round corners now and it holds so well.
I do need to roll the rear arches a little as when I hit a bump the arch hits the tyre.

Hopefully more will be done soon, especially as the sunroof continues to leak - and I’ve cleared the drains.

Anyway, some pics;