Pictures of Micra front bumper removed?

You never have too much light on front of you. Does anyone have pictures where front bumper is removed. I got brilliant idea to install these behind bumper cover!? It would help to see how much there is space and what kind of brackets/attachment ponits for light ?! :unsure:
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I'm not exactly sure why you'd want them, but anyway, just looking at pictures of crashed ones it really doesnt look like theres much there in terms of structure, other than where the crashbar mounts onto. Other than that, youve got nothing very far forward at all, at least thats what it looks like.
Kiitos for picture!
I found these LED-lisävalo 20W, LuminaLights Mini, its all in Finnish, but measurements are understandable regardless language.
And they fit between left side grill and radiator, barely. On right side no problem, of course with oval openings to grill on both sides.
So I don't need to remove bumper! :)

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I'm a bit slow sorry, I'm still not sure exactly where you mean. Can you just draw on a picture where you mean?