Photoshop please


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i was wondering if someone could do a photoshop for me please. Could they do one with the wheels black and one with the wheels white. Thanks



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Thats all your getting at this time o ' night.


  • glens micra black wheels.jpg
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white would look nice because its very contrasting but its been done soooo many times, bring back chrome!
car looks ace by the way (Y)


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just make a mask that will last, like I made one out of a plastic strip about 2 inch high, bend it round the rim, fixx it so its always circular n get a cardboard mask to cover the tyre, then you can change the colour whenever you want, if you dont like it, give it a few hours and change it again! :D

Orange looks good btW! ive just done my wheels orange with a ploished lip :D