photoshop challenge

this is prob a hard photoshop for someone to do

the white body a lighter shade of white like the wheels (ice white)
the wheels a nice orange like an orange ha
lowered more like coilovers
lightly tinted windows



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Ok, how is this? It's a bit whiter, wheels a sort of bronze orange and windows tinted. I couldn't lower it though, sorry.


EDIT: Actually I played around a bit more and managed to lower it more than is probably physically possible, unfortunately it made the image look crap overall so I gave it a new background and filtered it. It's probably not that much use to you but here it is anyway:


If you're planning on doing this to your car, I think it looks good. The orange looks cool, and so do the windows, but if you're going to tint them, do the sunroof too. As you can see from my 'shoops, it looks a bit odd that the windows are so much more black than the sunroof (I left the sunroof out).


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Good work robert, lost the side repeaters and door handle in that last one though.

I think this is my final attempt, about all I can do. Brighter wheels and darker sunroof:


Somehow the wheels are a lot brighter when I view the picture from my desktop, maybe you should try that, or perhaps bayimg compresses the picture. In any case, I think any brighter than this would look strange, this is a nice pastel orange.