Photos of Nissan OEM Overfender / Wide Arches?

Has anyone ever seen these genuine Nissan parts?

I heard you can buy a wide arch / overfender kit straight from Nissan?

Anyone got a photo?


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no there not wide arches, just arch trims! 59bhp had some on his k11 heres some pics of them on his car. they come in black plastic from nissan tho


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Cheers for the pics squarepants.
The Nissan OEM ones are a bit too small really...

I'm after these;






They look pretty OEM, but I guess it's an aftermarket item.
Does anyone know which company makes them, before I try and modify something like a GRP Bubble Arch for the old Mini, I think these arches look great, only really see them on the JDM March's though, not seen any UK Micras with them.
I'd really appreciate it if anyone had any more info on this to make it a little easier.
Seen a few K12 complete kits floating about but doubt these people will break the kit up.


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the white k11's and the grey ones have nismo wide archs (very rare!) the only way you could get them is to import them from japan, but they dont make them anymore so its going to be even harder to get some lol! get some mk2 golf arches like chie had on his k11, they look similer to the ones on the yellow k11 but black plastic heres a pic, the grey k11 on the far right.

there should be somemore pics of it in the photos of members k11's section :)


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Like you said dude the mini arches will look similar as i fort the same idea ages ago!

If u couldn't get hold of any mark 2 gold arches u culd buy a set of mini spot pack arches and modified them yourself!


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iam guessing so, but they might be a bit wide for the micras arches. not to sure tho. if chie had some on his micra i dont see why they wont fit. suppose it could be worth a try!


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Be careful with those ones.. Fibreglass has a reputation for breaking/cracking easily. On the wheel arch, more likely than not it will be more susceptable to stray stones and other road crap... Funnily enough, I want wide arches too! Bees knees or what ^^
Those Golf Mark 1 Arches would be ideal, maybe the arc might be too big though?
Anyone compared Golf Mark1 Arches to Micra Arches?

Fibreglass is a pig but cheap to repair.

I did a bit of searching on various Micra sites, and Cisco's Forum came up with a set from DEVISE Racing (Japanese Tuner),

40,950Yen for set of 4 (about £205)

Some other very nice parts available too.

I'm probably going to go with a custom wide arch from a Mini or a Golf and have a play around. Really want that look.