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Photo's of Members K11's

Some of you have seen these before in my own threads, but seeing as theres a specific K11 thread now, you may aswell feast your eyes on these once more...

with my old wheels and on 30mm springs....

These are with current wheels on and lowered 45mm-ishh...

Model and a brand of the wheels?
My old rear disc model SR, before I made a nice hole in the engine... oopsy!

Now stuck with a Shedscort SI til after Xmas, when I'll be looking for another SR :D
Can i know the model and the brand of the wheels? + I got 1995 Micra K11 what wheels i can fit max its stock atm i should put 15 inch ones with no problems right? I can cut some of the springs to so consider that lol :D
(In a Dr evil voice)
One million dollars..........

They're genuine volk te37 in 13x6, I paid £300 but wouldn't sell them for £1k as I'd just have to find some more.:)
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Sold my wheels and new tyres yesterday. Made a loss.
Hay ho.
The chain tensioner bearing is making a whirring sound. Goes off when it's fully warm. I'm leaving it alone. Had the alternator off, belts and pully. Started it up. Still doing it so it's definitely that.


What? No, that's the aerial reconnaissance unit, she returns with reports of traffic conditions and any hazards ahead.
DSC03888 (Small).JPG
DSC05236 (Small).JPG

This is our 1.0 Micra,bought with 2 days MOT for £160,bit of welding and a numberplate bulb and it was good to go,wife loves it with the flowers being an old Hippy and all,awesome on fuel and fun to drive,the 1.0 does go well fair play for it.
Hi guys. A photo of my Micra. Unfortunately it has to go, after almost 20 years of trouble-free ownership.

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I've ruined my car 🙁
Here's a few pictures of our K11, known to us as Noddy.

Only owned it for a month or so but love driving it, and parking is so great in the smallest spaces.

All original with 17,500 miles and a Nissan service every single year of it's life.

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Wow, probably the cleanest in the club at the minute. Good luck with the car, it's absolutely gorgeous
Thank you LiamC I have since fitted genuine micra mud flaps and installed a new radio player, and replaced the original 17 year old tyres!!
Gona keep it as original as i can, but i will be getting a tailgate release cable, no luck finding one yet though! what a ball-ache having to remove the key out of the ignition to open the boot.