Performance parts wanted k10 ma12

By the looks of it there is nothing off the shelf for theses cars but lots of parts can be made to fit. Best thing is just to go though this site and read up on everything, some of the people on here have got some good power out of these little engines with just a uprated carb and new manifolds.

Had all the parts to do my ma10, had a nova inlet manifold (£30), a weber 34ich carb (£40) and a nova 4-2-1 manifold (£30).
A Nissan figaro had a ma10 and a turbo. If i remember correctly you can swap some parts and boost a k10 with it.
From what I've read it's possible although a figaro is only 70bhp, also sure I read on here that the ma12s aren't the best for turboing.

Apparently putting the ma10 head on a ma12 is meant to help
Nice one lads I will just find some carbs and manifold and start from there see how it goes and if you have any links for parts or advice on my ma12 please do post cheers