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Patriotic Micra Blog

Paul Smith

Site Supporter

I have been on the forum for quite some time now and decided now is a good time to start my blog.

Here is a little history on the patriot. She started out as a 1 litre LX that had been sitting in a puddle when I first bought her about 10 years ago so needed new brakes all round and new front crossmember. Apart from the Union Jack on the bonnet she went many years with no modifications, then about 5 years ago i got the modding itch and began. As always I started off small with simple mods like a sound system, induction under car neons, spinny hubcaps, aftermarket steering wheel, lowered and induction kit.

She was broken in to and the sterio system was nicked and someone (believe it or not) stole the spinny hub caps which actually did me a favour. lol.

I decided I would go more extreme I decided the alloy wheels were need so purchased them on here from an old member ben and they are still on her today. I then went for a turbo charged engine making my 1 litre a very satisfying 116BHP which was awesome especially after the intercooler was fitted. However I got to carried away with the boost controller and managed to blow a piston ring and crack a piston. So i got in touch with Matt Humphries and we decided on a new engine.

The New engine will be and currently is a 1348cc automatic block with manual gearbox. So i delivered the car to Matt and believe me she just got there it pretty much died as she got in Matts work shop. Whilst in with matt she had a new uprated clutch, port polished gas flowed head, high lift cam, Lower ratio box. I also supplied a body kit i had sitting in my garage awaiting the right time ( this was Now ).

She came out looking amazing and it was a definite pimp my ride moment. lol. with a loud powerflow exhaust she looked and went amazingly well. This is how she stayed for quite some time before getting the itch again, and having a shiny set of 42mm jenvey throttlebodies made. So back to Matts again for the throttle bodies to fit with an omex 600 ecu and new coil packs fitted, after a whole day on a rolling road and messing she produced 128.9 BHP which was incredible with 105 lbs of torque. She ran beautifully scaring alot of bigger cars as well as being easy to drive and live with.

After some time she developed some issues this was mainly down to a lack attention by me as I bought a house and had my son and job changes that sort of thing. She then developed judder at low revs that i tried to live with but it was obvious she was starting to die. So home to a very worrying compression test (knowing in the back of my mind what the issue was but trying to deny it) showing everyones favourite job a blown head gasket and bent valve. So off the head went to be cleaned new valve and skimmed. The company doing this then disappeared for 5 weeks before reappearing with my head which was a worrying time ( apparently had gone on holiday). So with all new parts the head went on and she ran smooth and subtle once again. To be honest she felt the smoothest she had ever felt. But a couple of months later developed and puff of smoke so after a short time of this and another compression test low and behold another head gasket which finally failed in all its glory on the A6 on my way back from wales 40 miles from home.

So the recovery bought her home where she has been sitting for about 4 months. I used a 205 gti for this time i had laying around until that died. Which has given me a big itch i am destined to scratch and the thought of blogging her every change this time round.

I have removed her head, this is in scotland currently having a stage 3 modification by hiflo heads and in the mean time i am tidying her up, and will update you of all the odds and sods done. I recently rubbed down the inner rear arches and undersealed them which was a job worth doing. I have new rear hubs just in case the old bearings are getting tired and new front 100 nx calipers to fit but wann paint these first.

Yesterday I thought i'd take the back bumper off and and clean up the rear plate as these get a lot of surface rust which i thought would be good but although i found surface rust i also found rott :down: in the rear ducts so have rubbed the surface rust down cut all the rott out minus some surface rust that has run into the bottom of the rear arch this will require a proper body shop. The rot was aweful though i tapped it and my finger went through. I have treated all areas with Kurust, undercoated and sprayed with stone chip paint. This week i will also get the new rear hubs fitted.

I will get some pics as i go along i had been taking them on my iphone but the last update crashed it loosing the photos so i have now learnt from this but will post new pics up.


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