Passenger "emergency" door lock

Bought a k12 a few weeks ago.......keyless entry. Thought I'd try the emergency key access in the passenger door. Prised the plastic cover off...... key went in fine and turns freely left and right....... trouble is nothing happens and the door stays locked. Tried the search on here but no joy I'm afraid unless I've missed it. Any idea what the problem could be or does it need a Nissan dealer? Any advise/help would be much appreciated. Geoff
You probably need to take the door card off and have a look inside. I expect it is a mechanically operated lock to circumvent a flat battery locking you out. You may find the rod is off the back of the lock barrel or lock mechanism.

There may also be a slip clutch on the barrel that makes it freely turn when the wrong key is used or something shaped like a key. Its used on fiats and when the keys wear sometimes they just spin.

Have you tried the key both ways?
Do you have a spare key to try?

The handle may also of been changed at some point and the lock and key may not match anymore!
Geoff didn't specified side of steering in beginning of this tread...
That's way I asked about drivers door and still why passenger door?
Normally, regardless of which side steering is on vehicle, driver goes to vehicle from drivers door for logical reasons. Like steering wheel and ignition are normally on drivers side :rolleyes:
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I assumed he is in the uk.

There is only one emergency lock and its on the left side of the car.
Well, that explains why to try passenger door on this problem. I would have thought with small effort from Nissan, for both steering sides, it would have been located to drivers door. Some kind of savings on manufacturing cost?