Passed it's test!

She passed the NCT (MOT to some) today, not a bother! Think I'll treat myself to an OBD2 device, change the oil and filter, maybe wait for warmer weather to do something about the paint that is missing in patches. Oh, and do some rust treatment. Fab. 🚙
12 months until the next one, good feeling. Mine passed the MOT a few weeks ago, no advisories, can't remember last time that happened on any other car of mine. The MOT can vary a bit more than the NCT in my experience, due to the MOT being done at various types of garage, rather than strictly at NCT centres, which for anyone who hasn't been to one, ONLY do NCT's. I know someone who recently failed the NCT for having light rust on their brake discs, his car is next to new but he hadn't been driving, echoes my experience of the NCT being a bit over zealous at times. Anyways, well wear.
Ta for that, buddy. I worry some NOT testers' purpose in life is to get older cars off the road, then again, others are kinder. Still, maybe a potential conflict of interest having a repair place doing an MOT? Congrats for yours passing the test, onward and upward. 👉🏻🚗👍