Parts and advice requested for Mongol Rally Micra

Hi all,

We're driving our 2003 K11 1.0l Micra to Mongolia in a month's time and are in need of a few spares before we go, so was wondering if anyone could help us out with any of the below:

2x14" Steel wheels
2xCoil Packs
Replacement front driver's seat
fuel filter
2xLarge (20L ish) Metal Jerry Cans
Any spare belts/gaskets
Water pump
Front pads
Wind deflectors
Front/rear shocks
Spare spring
Clutch Kit
Service Kit
Any other parts that you think may be helpful?

If anyone has any of the above lying around and would like to donate them we'll happily pay postage and give you a mention on our team site, or can pay small amounts for parts so please let us know what you have. The vehicle and any left over bits get auctioned off for charity (a Mongolian orphanage) when we get there so will be going to a good cause.

Also we're looking for ways to raise/stiffen the suspension so if anyone has any ideas?!

We'd like to blog our progress en-route to this site as well in case anyone would be interested in hearing how we get on?

Many thanks,

Tara L
Sorry made a mistake in original post and put 13" steel wheels, they're actually 14"... :oops: If yours are 14" as well we'd love to take them, we'll figure out a way to collect them. What brake parts do you have?

Thanks again :)
Tara L
Hi Karl,

Thanks for your kind offer :)

We'll check our disks as I'm not sure what state they're in, but definitely interested in the pads please :) I guess the calipers would be fairly unlikely to fail?