Parcel shelf question part 2

Will a 2000 (face lift K11) parcel shelf fit in a pre-face lift model WITHOUT a 3rd brake light (hhmm i thought they all had 3rd brake lights?)


Not sure but if the post facelift one had a TOP mounted 3rd brake light then i can imagine it does, if it had a bottom mounted 3rd brakelight then when fitting it into the pre facelift it would have a hole in the bottom where the light would be...
yeah... just waiting for him to email me back - but he said hi "1995 K11" - i thought K11's only started in 1996.....


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i got a stealth shelf but it was actually made for the k11 with a brake light at bottom of window but on my car brake light is at top fits in fine, i got a 2000 S...
just if it helps :)