pao (k10) engine running problems

ok so bought a second hand carb off retrorides to fit as previous owner said this was the problem.
this carb didnt fit ( alot more electronics on the pao carb )
so im used to either injection systems or the only carbs im used to are weber twin 40's.
so any way the car runs lumpy as hell just about idles and cuts out , also cuts out when power steering cuts in and sounds like its running on 3 cylinders.
also if you hold down the throttle it will eventually build up revs but still sounds horrific.
from what i can see there are 3 dodgy vac hoses off the carb, one leading to nothing and the other two are blocked off by screws , and the other thing is a pipe going into the top of the cam cover , it has snapped off and is loose from the cover
any way pics

pipe broken off cover

2 marked pipes
black one leads to nothing

last blocked off hose

any ideas folks????


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the top one of the two should go to the linkage at the back on the manifold, where to pipes will connect into one which goes to the dizzy. the lower one should be connected to the manifolds connection just below.

this should be right if I remember correct.


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Why do you have a mixture screw on an electronic carb? The ecu is supposed to control it, that ain't right.
Anyway it looks like it's meant to be a standard ecc set-up, for which i have a link to an online manual that shows each and every component, and shows you exactly where all the vaccum pipes go.

Every page of the manual is a picture and there are quite a lot so it'll take a min or two to load, then you can do the old "save picture as" trick to keep the pages you want for future reference.

The big old black pipe that has broken off of the rocker-cover (cam-cover) is part of the Positive Crank Ventilation system which is responsable for maintaining the correct internal pressure of the engine block.
You will need to either get it welded back onto the rocker cover or replace the rocker cover with another one.

The wiring looks to have been tampered with and the clear pipe with the screw in it, is meant to be connected to the airbox.
Check out the manual on that link and you'll have all the info and diagrams to have that thing set up straight in no time (Y)
This all looks very helpful porkie thank you very much. I will be popping back to the car tomorrow and I'm gonna buy some new vacum hose and take a couple more pics.


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if you remove a vacuum hose all that happens is the idle rpm rises (and the car will still drive ok)
so i doubt if they are causing your problems imo fwn


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The depends entirly on which one you unplug and weather or not your mixture is right. Best example i can give you off the top of my head frank is the vaccum line that connects to the bi-metal valve on the airbox. Unplug it, leave it upcapped and the revs die down and the engine struggles.
The vac lines operate the diaphams that control various things such as mixture and timing, having a faulty vac line on a k10 is like having a faulty ecu wire on a k11, it causes problems one way or the other...