****** Pao for sale N.Ireland *********

Hi all,
I've just imported this into Dublin from Japan (27th August) then transported to Northern Ireland (UK) ALL VAT + Import Duty has been paid to HMRC (£1000) started to strip it as was going to give it a slammed look and discovered floor needs welding, iv'e just put my house on the market as the rain here is doing my head in so im moving abroad, im not starting on it as I wont have the time so im offloading it cheap, stands me £4200, rest of the car is very good (will get some pic's over nx few days when stops raining)
Its on the NOVA system so im just waiting for email from NOVA team re getting it registered. Mechanically it's 100% perfect.
N.I. V5 is the same as the mainland so registering is grief free.
Im just outside Belfast so can assist re airport/ferry collection, this is a crackin little project for someone and they're getting quite rare in Ivory.
I'l take £2000 for quick sale, Shiply this to mainland for about 350

Best regards
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